Recycle Much?

It's our mission at yano to protect our our planet while educating on materials. We thought a lot about how we can contribute  and  create change? How can we give our mats a new life? 

After practicing on your mat with lots of love and sweat and now are ready to replace yours?  

How can we put that good to work?

A circular solution for yoga mats

Working with T.M.C - Rubber recycling plant  & their mission to recycle one of the worlds most commonly wasted materials –rubber. 

Taking your old rubber yoga mats and transforming them into high quality rubber chipping!

Creating safe surfaces for play areas and parks, Insulations for new green construction,  Running surfaces in sports fields  and Paving stones.

Taking your old and used rubber yoga mat and making with it a better world!

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How To Participate


Get in touch to let us know that you

would like to participate in the recycle program and we can provide you with  our  postal address.


Pack your mat for its final journey.

You can roll or fold the mat up

to get it to fit into your packaging.

If you don’t have anything suitable

some ideally second-hand

craft paper will work.


Take parcel to your local post office, or carrier of your choice.

Please send us a copy of the proof of postage and we can send over your discount code to use on your next purchase. Please note that we cannot take responsibility for any lost parcels.


Place your order for a new mat

with your 20% off code.