Hi, welcome to yano!

 The idea of yano was born in 2016 when founder, Tal Yanovsky,

noticed that there was no yoga mat that ticked all the boxes.

looking at the shelves, there were yoga mats she used, but no yoga mats she loved. 

she decided to create her own dream yoga mat, the one that will be qualitative and stylish at the same time.


The mission behind yano is to create high-quality yoga gear with special attention to our planet. every line of products we make goes through a long process of quality control with special attention to Eco-friendly materials.


Our goal is to inspire people to start moving, live healthily and to have fun while doing it.

we believe that an active lifestyle can improve your state of mind and find your best self.


We hope you love stretching on your yano mat as much as we love creating it.