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Alyssa Arroyo can usually be found upside down, doing handstands on her acro friends or hanging in the air 


What got you into yoga?

I found this practice in a tumultuous time in my life and found the philosophy was one of the only things that made sense at the time. I knew that my time on my mat were some of my most centered and peaceful, but the wisdom of the teachings, the brilliance and true, that hooked me.

"...the wisdom of the teachings, the brilliance & true, that hooked me."

What has yoga practice brought into your life? 

Community, joy, so many loving connections, a sense of control over what I can and an understanding of what I can’t.


Who inspires you and why?

Anything someone seems impossible.

I don’t believe in the impossible :)

What cause or causes are important to you?

I’m passionate about being eco conscious, protecting our limited Resources. I am also passionate about social justice and equality.


What are some projects you’re working on?

I’m currently working on some new costumes and choreo for my circus work. It’s lovely to have such a creative and hands on work.


Photography: ROCO

Model: Alyssa Arroyo

Lyss is using our super grip warrior mat

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