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Arthur Lee Porter found Yoga at the age of nineteen and fell in love. Once a shy guy and now a teacher and mentor to others like him.


What got you into yoga?

I started yoga when I was nineteen. I had just moved to the city (New York) and  needed to have a cheap workout, I found a donation based studio and I just kept going. 


What has yoga practice brought into your life? 

Yoga had brought me confidence. I’ve always been pretty shy but now I’m teaching yoga, sitting in front of a packed room and using my voice to lead people through a flow. nineteen year old me would never believe  it!

Who inspires you and why?

Recently I find myself inspired by people who are just truly living as themselves. The younger generation who has strong opinions.

My little sister driving people to go vote. I’m very proud of her!

"Yoga had brought me 


   Nineteen year old me

   would never believe it!"


What cause or causes are important to you?

Getting people to vote! 

To participate in building a better government,

and help push the country I live in (USA) towards

a better direction.


Photography: ROCO

Model: Arthur Lee Porter

Arty is practicing on the super grip white balance mat

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